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sat 23 jul 2016 02:00 

Performance by Mamar Kassey  during The Africa Festival 2014 at Hertme.

Mamar Kassey is a group from Niger who stood on the stage at Hertme.

The group was founded in 1995 by singer, dancer, and flute and ngoni player Yacouba Moumouni.

Yacouba stands in the centre of the stage. He’s the eye-catcher of this exhilarating band from Niger in his big deep yellow attire.

Most compisitions are written by him and are about Niger, the family, injustice and abuses; for example in the neighbouring country Mali with which Moumouni feels closely connected. He mixes these compositions with the music styles of the Fulani, Songhai, Djerma and Hausa population to become an enticing mix played on guitar, bass, ngoni (type of banjo) and percussion.


  1.  Bowdi, Yacouba Moumouni, (06:31)
  2.  Mali (Djinnaarou) Yacouba Moumouni (06:39)
  3.  Kissey, Yacouba Moumouni (05:36)
  4.  Daneedjo, Yacouba Moumouni (05:11)
  5.  Taboussizé, Yacouba Moumouni (04:16)
  6.  Mansaarou, Yacoube Moumouni (03:10)
  7.  Yeti – Yeta, Yacouba Moumouni (07:18)
  8.  Habdè, Yacouba Moumouni (04:06)
  9.  Dinké – Dinké, Yacouba Moumouni (06:52)
  10.  Maidé e gonga, Yacouba Moumouni (04:02)
  11.  Mossi-Gueidou, Yacouba Moumouni (04:30)Live recording by Mamar Kassey, 6 July 2014, Afrika Festival Hertme. Recording: Wijnand de Groot.