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The Concertzender’s musical week activity programme.

With the CD of the week, agenda highlights of early, classical and contemporary music with a side step to museums and special highlights from the stages of Tivoli/Vredenburg and the Concertgebouw. Each week a special guest joins the programme or an interesting event is being highlighted.
Host today: Evert Jan Nagtegaal.
N.B. Order and playlist are conditional.
Studio guests are Maarten Brandt (musicologist), Erik Bosgraaf (recorder player), Marion van den Akker (mezzo-soprano), Tamar Bruggeman (Holland Baroque Society) & Danibal (workshop jew’s harp).
With: CD of the week

Tivoli/Vredenburg, Utrecht

Concertgebouw Amsterdam
‘hoor es’ [Listen up]

Column of Robbert Jan de Neeve.
Rembrandt in Mauritshuis, The Hague
and more!

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