Concertzender Live

fri 18 may 2018 21:00 

Live-recordings made by the Concertzender, of the Yiddish Waves festival 2018

Daniel kahn & the Painted Bird.

Performance of Daniel Kahn at the Yiddish Waves Festival in Leeuwarden on March 2nd, 2018.


  1.  Avreml The Filcher
  2.  Shimke Khazer/The Butcher’s Sher   
  3.  How The Jews Got To Europe
  4.  Sheyres Hora
  5.  Tzivkever Nign
  6.  Rosen Auf Den Weg Gestreut / Embrace the Fascists
  7.  99 (Nayn-Un-Nayntsik)
  8.  Freedom Is A Verb
  9.  Shtil Di Nakht Iz Oysgeshternt / Silent Stars
  10.  Children In The Woods
  11.  No One Survives
  12.  Mayn Tate A Koyen
  13.  Yosl Ber
  14.  Arbetslozer March / March Of the Jobless Corps
  15.  Fuer Un Flee
  16.  Haleluye



  Sklamberg & the Shepherd

In addition to this performance by Daniel Kahn, parts of the performance by Sklamberg & the Shepherds, recorded at the Synagogue of Delft on 7 March 2018

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