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November Music 2017 #4.
Two concerts with Bang on a Can involved. First three works by Kate Moore, then the Field Recordings concert of the Bang on a Can All-Stars.

     Kate Moore: Bushpatrol Psychodrama.

1. Kate Moore. Velvet (2010). 11:25
Ashley Bathgate: cello.
2. Kate Moore. The Hermit Trush & The Astrounat (2012). 12:57
Robert Black: double bass.
3. Kate Moore. Bushranger Psychodrama (2017wp). 18:01
Iarla Ó Lionáird: voice. Mey-Li Yee: vibraphone. Quartetto Maurice: Georgia Privitera, Laura Bertolino: violin. Francesco Vernero: viola. Aline Privitera: cello.
live-recordings by Theo van Soest on 2017-11-9 at Verkadefabriek Clubzaal in ’s-Hertogenbosch.

   Bang on a Can All-Stars: Fieldrecordings.

1. Julia Wolfe. Reeling (2012). 5:50
2. Florent Ghys. An Open Cage (2001-07). 4:09
3. Juan Felipe Waller. Hybrid Ambuigities (2012). 6:17
4. Michael Gordon. Gene takes a Drink (2017). 5:58
5. Christian Marclay. Fade to Slide (2012). 7:24
6. David Lang. Unused Swan (2012). 5:21
7. Aart Strootman. Lesson 25 Time (2017wp). 3:57
8. Caroline Shaw. Really Craft When You (2016). 6:56
9. Steve Reich. The Cave of Machpelah (2005). 4:51
10. Bryce Dessner. Letter 27 (2013). 5:41
11. Anna Clyne. A Wonderful Day (2013). 5:04
12. Mikse Mudo. Real Beauty Turns (2017). 5:25
Bang on a Can All-Stars: David Cossin: percussion. Mark Stewart: guitar. Robert Black: double bass. Ashley  Bathgate: cello. David Friend: piano. Ken Thomson: clarinet.
live-recordings by Wijnand de Groot on 2017-11-9 at Verkadefabriek Grote Zaal in ’s-Hertogenbosch.

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