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Concertzender Live

mon 10 jun 2019 20:00 
Composer: Willem Boogman

Concerts from around the country, recorded by Concertzender (Modern Classical). Today a composers portrait: Willem Boogman.

1. Willem Boogman – Waltz from Nous le Chant III for the Busy Drone (2015)

2. Willem Boogman – no la persona, ma la sua figura

3. Willem Boogman – Duik langs het koraalrif (2017)

4. Willem Boogman – Genieting VII for piano (2015/17 wp)

5. Willem Boogman – Liefde een woning no. 1 (from madrigals cycle Gioiosamente Canto)(2018 wp)

6. Willem Boogman – Genieting VI for piccolo (2015)

7. Willem Boogman – De dag daagt for organ (from the cycle Dag Dagelijks) (2010/18)

8. Willem Boogman – The Road To Here for brass quartet and organ (2018)

9. Willem Boogman – Intermezzi. Modulationes super Passionem secundum Joannem (2016)

Vincent van Amsterdam: accordion. Janneke van Prooijen, Emma Breedveld: violin. Frank Brakkee: viola. Eilidh Martin: cello

Recording 24-2-2019; Orgelpark Amsterdam;
Recording technique: Bert van Dijk

Produced by: