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Concertzender Live

Concerts from around the country, live recordings by Concertzender (Modern Classical).

1. Thomas Larcher –
a. Naunz (1989)
b. Smart Dust (2005)

2. Thomas Larcher –
a. Sad yellow whale from “Poems” (1975-2010)
b. Cantabile from “Poems” (1975-2010)
c. Babu Chiri’s house from “Poems” (1975-2010
d. Waking up in Najing from “Poems” (1975-2010)
e. I lost my funny green dog from “Poems” (1975-2010)
f. A little piece for Ursu from “Poems” (1975-2010)

3. Thomas Larcher –
a. Frida schläft ein from “Poems” (1975-2010)
b. MUI 1 from “Poems” (1975-2010)
c. eins, zwei, drei, vier, neun from “Poems” (1975-2010)
d. 2 years old from “Poems” (1975-2010)
e. Don’t step on the Regenwurm! from “Poems” (1975-2010)

4. Thomas Larcher –
a. A Song from? from “Poems” (1975-2010)
b. Antennen – Requiem für H. (1999)
c. Noodivihik (1992)
d. What becomes (2009)
Kimball Huigens, piano
Recording from 16-9-2018; Uilenburgersjoel Amsterdam;
Recording technique: Sabrina ter Horst

5a. Erich W. Korngold – Mariettas Lied
Håkan Björkman, bass trombone; Alla Libo, piano.
5b. David Beidenbender – Liquid architecture
Randall Hawes, bass trombone; Henry Kelder, piano.
5c. Brian Lynn – Dollallynastics
Håkan Björkman, bass trombone; Alla Libo, piano.

6a. Georgi Sviridov – Romance
6b. Frank Martin – Ballade
6c. Gabriel Fauré – Les Berceaux
Jeffrey Kant (tenor trombone), Sebastiaan Kemner (tenor trombone), Marijn Michielsen (bass trombone), Rommert Groenhof (bass trombone), Anneleen Schuitemaker (harp), Alla Libo (piano)
Recording 14 Apr 17; Las Palmas II, Rotterdam;
Recording technique: Cees Sterrenburg, Mart Hebing

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