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Live recordings made by de Concertzender, of concerts with Early Music. Two recordings of the Utrecht Early Music Festival 2018: the Sollazzo Ensemble and the first performance of Ordo Virtutum.

-This is a repeat of Thursday 10 January 2019-

A) The two blind viol players Jehan Ferrandes and Jehan de Cordoval worked at the Burgundian court for decades. They became famous because of their musical impact Dufay and Binchois.
The Sollazzo Ensemble plays and sings in this festival concert music around two generations Burgundian viol players.

Guillaume Dufay (1397-1474)
1. Lamentatio Sanctae matris ecclesiae Constantinopolitanae (O tres piteulx)

2. Cyprus codex: Mon cuer s’en rit de fortune

Gilles Binchois (1400-1460)
3. Triste plaisir

4. Bayeux chansonnier Souvent je m’esbas

Pierre Fontaine (1380-1450)
5. Sans faire de vous departie

Guillaume Dufay
6. Vergine bella

Hayne van Ghizeghem (1445-1472)
7. De tous biens plaine (instrumental)

Johannes Tinctoris (1435-1511)
8. Tout a par moy (instrumental)
9. D’un aultre amer
10. Ave ancilla (contrefact op Cecus non judicat de coloribus)

Loyset Compère (approx. 1445-1518)
11. Le grant désir me tient
12. Le doulz rossignol

Sollazzo Ensemble: Perrine Devillers and Yukie Sato, soprano. Vivien Simon, tenor. Johana Bartz, flute. Sophia Danilevskaia, viol. Christoph Sommer, lute. Anna Danilevskaia, viol and musical lead
Recording: 29 August 2018, Hertz TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht
Technique and production: Wijnand de Groot

B) During the Utrecht Early Music Festival 2018 the German Ordo Virtutum performed twice and zoomed in on the two opposite traditions of the Burgundian monastic life.
In the first concert, the 12th century abbot Petrus Venerabilis is the figurehead, with office chants for the Commemoration of the transfiguration of Jesus.

Petrus Venerabilis (1092-1156)
13. Ad vesperas: Invitatorium: Christum regem regum and Psalm 94
14. In primo nocturno: Responsorium I,II, III and IV
15. In secundo nocturno: Responsorium V, VI, VII and VIII
16. In tertio nocturno: Responsorium IX, X, XI and XII
17. Benedicamus Domino

Ordo Virtutum: Matthias Deger, Simon MacHale, Hubert Mayer, Giacomo Schiavo, Csongor Szántó: vocals. Stefan J. Morent: vocals and musical lead
Recording: 25 August 2018, Sint-Willibrord’s Church, Utrecht
Technique: Frans de Wolff, production: Wijnand de Groot

Produced by:
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