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South #27
Episode 27 of a series of concert recordings from concert halls in the south of the Netherlands. Today you can first listen to a concert by TEMKO with Terry Riley recorded in Het Cenakel in Tilburg. Then you can listen to parts of several concerts by Niels Duffhuës and occasional trio Erik Bosgraaf, Yuri Honing en Joost Lijbaart recorded at the WillemTwee Toonzaal in ’s-Hertogenbosch


1. Terry Riley. Shri Camel (1978). 36:22
2. Nik Bärtsch. Camels Brain (2018wp). 10:44
3. Anthony Fiumara. Jagged Noir (2018wp). 9:41
4. Kate Moore. St. John (2018). 14:44
TEMKO: Aart Strootman: electric guitar, live electronics. Ramon Lormans: vibraphone, percussion, live electronics. Fred Jacobsson: bass guitar, live electronics.
live-recording by Kees van de Wiel on 23-10-2018 at De Link at Het Cenakel in Tilburg.

   Niels Duffhuës.

5. Niels Duffhuës. WWBNM. 4:33
6. Niels Duffhuës. Diorama. 5:03
7. Niels Duffhuës. Steen II. 3:27
8. Niels Duffhuës. Bakchanten 2:58
Niels Duffhuës: guitar, indian harmonium, effects. film. live-recording by Kees van de Wiel on 14-5-2019 at WillemTwee Concertzaal in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

   Erik Bosgraaf | Yuri Honing | Joost Lijbaart.

9. Erik Bosgraaf. Gino (Pergolesi – Stabat Mater). 7:50
10. Traditional / Luciano Berio. Black is the Color. 8:09
11. Matthijs de Roo. Zu zweien schwimmen die Töten. 3:53
12. Erik Bosgraaf / Yuri Honing / Joost Lijbaart. Encore. 1:14
Erik Bosgraaf: recorders. Yuri Honing: soprano and alto saxophone. Joost Lijbaart: drums, percussion, live electronics.
live-recording by Kees van de Wiel on 8-1-2016 at De Toonzaal in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

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