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In today’s episode of Concertzender Live we will broadcast live recordings from  concert registrations of the Early Music Festival 2019 in Utrecht. You can listen to the concerts ‘For Voice and Psalter’ by Il Dolce Conforto and ‘Sonatas for Recorder’ by La Cicala.

A) The programme ‘For Voice and Psalter’ shows us a glimpse behind the walls of two unique convents in Apulia and Naples. The nuns who lived there were engaged in music on a high level and also in a more profane than spiritual manner.
Il Dolce Conforto, with its musical leader Franziska Fleischanderl on the psalter, lavishly entertains you with its performance of fragments from virtuoso passion cantatas, especially written for nuns by Naples’ best composers. These cantatas offer us a surprisingly profane perspective on the Neapolitan convent life in the 18th century. The cantatas are sung by the Swiss soprano Marie Lys.

Anonymous (Naples, 1781)
1. Lamentazione seconda per il Giovedi Santo la ser: Introduzione – Allegro

Domenico Merola
2. Lezione seconda
– Aria: Teth
– Recitativo: Ipsa autem gemens
– Sordes ejus in pedibus

Anonymous (Naples, 1781)
3. Lamentazione seconda per il Giovedi Santo la sera: Jerusalem convertere

Florido Ubaldi (fl. 1708-1746)
4. Salterio Concerto

Gennaro Manna
5. Lezione terza del Venerdi Santo:
– Incipit oratio
– Recordare Domine
– Pupilli favti sumus

Domenico Merola
6. Lezione seconda: Heth. Peccatum peccavit Jerusalem

Nicola Porpora (1686-1768)
7. Fuga V in G minor

Antonio Caputi (1720/30-na 1800)
8. Lezione quinta del Venerdi Santo: Morte turpissima

Francesco Paolo Supriano (1678-1753)
9. Toccata prima
10. Toccata decima

Antonio Caputi
11. Lezione quinta del Venerdi Santo:
– Introduzione – Allegro assai
– Nostis qui conventus erat

Niccolò Piccinni (1728-1800)
12. Lezione seconda del Giovedi Santo: Jerusalem convertere

13. Anonymous – based on a poem by Metastasio

Dolce Conforto: Franziska Fleischanderl – psalter and musical leader, Marie Lys – soprano, Carla Rovirosa – cello, Lukas Henning – archlute, Deniel Perer – organ

Recorden on 30 August 2019 | Hertz TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht
Technique and production: Wijnand de Groot

La Cicala

B) ‘Sonatas for Recorder’ – La Cicala
The concert of La Cicala shows us that many compositions for recorder were also made in Napels. In their performance of  ‘Sonatas for Recorder’ you will hear music of four composers from Naples who were actively composing around 1730: Francesco Mancini, Domenico Sarro, Leonardo Leo and Pietro Lullj. Mancini succeeded Alessandro Scarlatti as bandmaster of the prestigious Real Capella.
The large ensemble La Cicala of recorder player Inês D’Avena plays sonatas of Mancini together with works of his colleagues Sarri, Leo and Pullj.

Francesco Mancini (1672-1737)
14. Sonate di flauto solo è basso in C
Largo – Andante – Largo – Allegro

Leonardo Leo (1694-1744)
15. Sonata à flauto solo è basso in G
Largo – [-] – Largo – Allegro

Francesco Mancini
16. Sonata decima nona in e
Allegro – Larghetto – Fuga- Moderato – Allegro

Pietro Pullj (ca.1710-na 1759)
17. Sonata a flauto solo è basso in G
Andante – Grave – Allegro

Domenico Sarri (1679-1744)
18. Sonata undecima in A
largo – Allegro – Larghetto – Spiritoso

La Cicala: Ines d’Avena – recorder and musical leader, Sara DeCorso and Anita Hugosson – violin, Jacek Kurzydlo – viola, Rebecca Rosen – cello, Shizuko Noiri – aartsluit, Silivia Jimenez – double bass, Claudio Ribeiro – harpsichord

Recorded on 30 August 2019 | Hertz TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht
Technique and production: Wijnand de Groot

C) Fabulous Fringe concert Protean Quartet (fragment)

Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
19. String Quartet in G op. 33/5
Vivace assai, Largo cantabile, Scherzo allegro, Finale (Allegretto)

Protean Quartet: Javier Aguilar, Jesus Merino – violin, Ricardo Gil – viola, Kristina Chalmovska – cello
Recorded on 30 August 2019 | Main Hall TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht
Technique and production: Wijnand de Groot

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