Concertzender Live

mon 16 mar 2020 20:00 

The South #29.
The 29th episode of a large number of programmes containing concerts recorded at venues in the southern provinces of the Netherlands. In today’s episode you can listen to two concerts recorded in Het Cenakel in Tilburg: a performance by John Snijders on 25 September 2018 and a beautiful performance of David Lang’s Love Fail by Young, Riener, Gerritsen and Alofs on 7 January 2020.

   John Snijders.

2. Morton Feldman. Palais de Mari (1986). 22:50
3. Alvin Lucier. Still Lives (1995) (Deel 4-8). 15:07
4. Morton Feldman. Piano (1977). 24:37
John Snijders: piano. (tape in 3)
Recorded in Het Cenakel in Tilburg (De Link) on 25-9-2018 by Kees van de Wiel.

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