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Concertzender Live

Today, we start to broadcast a series of live concerts that were recorded by Concertzender on the 2019 Early Music Festival in Utrecht.
Lucie Horsch & B’Rock and Tasto Solo will set the ball rolling.

A) Leo, Durante, Scarlatti – Concertos for recorder
On their festival programme are Neapolitan recorder concertos by Leo, Mancini, Sarri, Mele and Scarlatti.
Alessandro Scarlatti
1. Clori, Dorino e Amore
Giovanni Battista Mele (1701-1752)
2. Concerto in F major:
– Andante
– Allegro
– Adagio
– Allegro
Francesco Mancini (1672-1737)
3. Concerto XIX in E minor:
– Allegrissimo
– Larghetto
– Fuga
– Moderato
– Allegro
Leonardo Leo (1694-1744)
4. Concerto no 1 in G major
– Allegro
– Largo
– Allegro
Domenico Sarri (1679-1744)
5. Concerto XI in A minor
– Largo
– Allegro
– Larghetto
– Spirituoso (for the second time as an encore)
Lucie Horsch & B’Rock
Recorded on 1 September 2019 | Hertz TivoliVredenburg Utrecht
Technique and production: Wijnand de Groot

B) A mysterious singer – Anna Inglese
Tasto Solo and Anne-Kathryn Olsen, soprano
The musicians step into the shoes of a richly rewarded singer at the 15th century court in Naples, Madamma Anna or also called Anna Inglese, who succeeded in developing a professional music career.
Music by Antoine Busnois, Johannes Tinctoris, Guillaume Dufay, Forminus Caron and anonymous Naepolitan composers.
Anonymous (Mid-15th century)
6. Fantasia prima
Walter Frye (?-ca.1474)
7. Alas, alas
8. De mes dolors
9. Improvisation Ricercare impovvisato
Anonymous (Mid-15th century)
10. Fantasia seconda
Johannes Tinctoris (ca.1435-1511)
11. Alas! I wooful creature
Anonymous (Mid-15th century)
12. Mon fort soupirz
13. Fortune tort
14. Fortune vray
15. Canzone del vivere spéranza
16. La Spagna
Guillermo Pérez
17. Improvisation Ricercare impovvisato
18. O pellegrina, o luce
Walter Frye
19. So ys emprentid
Anonymous (Mid-15th century)
20. Fantasia terza
Walter Frye
21. Gentil madonna
Encore: Anonymous
22. Canzone del vivere spéranza
Tasto Solo: Guillermo Pérez, organetto and musical direction. Anne-Kathryn Olsen, soprano. Bérengère Sardin, harp. Bor Zuljan, lute
Recorded on 26 August 2019 | Pieterskerk, Utrecht
Technique and production: Wijnand de Groot

Photo: Anne-Kathryn Olsen

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