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sat 18 jul 2020 14:00 

Concert by Namgyal Lhamo in Rasa, Utrecht, 26 september 2013

Born in Nepal in 1956, Namgyal Lhamo, also known as The Nightingale of Tibet, is regarded one of the best singers in Tibet, even though she has never lived there herself. She was taught the first Tibetan songs by her mother. Already at an early age, her special sound attracted attention and at the age of eight she was admitted to the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) in India, which had been founded by the Dalai Lama. She specialized in classical songs and folk music and soon became one of the institution’s most famous opera singers.

Namgyal Lhamo also plays traditional instruments such as the dranyen (Tibetan lute) and the dulcimer (a Tibetan string instrument). She made various CDs with her own compositions and, today, lives in Utrecht.


  1. Ohm Mani Peme Hung, trad. Namgyal Lhamo (03:04)
  2. Achoe Soetop, trad. Namgyal Lhamo (05:04)
  3. Ameleho (White crane) trad. Namgyal Lhamo (04:17)
  4. Tong Nyi, Emptiness, trad. Namgyal Lhamo (03:16)
  5. Shyei Kyishokpa, Crystal Wings, trad. Namgyal Lhamo (02:49)
  6. Gangri Rawal, Long Life Prayer for His Holiness, trad. Namgyal Lhamo (01:49)
  7. Relpa Thungso, Celebrating Milarepa, trad. Namgyal Lhamo (03:26)
  8. Zompa Namsung, Three auspicious omen in nature, trad. Namgyal Lhamo (03:10)
  9. Duk Sangsang, Dragon in the sky, trad. Namgyal Lhamo (03:58)
  10. Gampa Lhamo, Goddess of mont Gampo, trad. Namgyal Lhamo (03:29)
  11. Pangye Metok, Meadow Flowers, trad. Namgyal Lhamo (04:07)

As we still have some time left, we will end this programme with a number of songs of Namgyal Llamo’s CD: Songs of Tibet, released by Music & Words in 2002.

1. Chaba Chuyu, (rain and water), trad. arr. Namgyal Lhamo (0:59)
2. Nenys Sanduo (love song), trad. arr. Namgyal Lhamo (03:43)
3. Amaleho (poem of the Dalai Lama VI) trad. arr. Namgyal Lhamo (04:56)
4. Pangye metok, Meadow flowers trad. arr. Namgyal Lhamo (04:37)
5. Rang Yu, My own Country, trad. arr. Namgyal Lhamo (04:05)
CD: Namgyal Lhamo, Songs from Tibet, (2002), Music & Words, MWCD6010

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