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Concerts from around the country, recorded by Concertzender

Barber, Kox, Castro Espejo, Purcell, Britten, Stockhausen and more.

Tonight, you hear three concerts.
Two from two evenings at the Orlando Festival 2019, with music from Barber, Kox, Castro Espejo, Martinů and Reger. Beside these, a concert of Capella Frisiae from the Der Aa church in the city of Groningen from 2010, with works of Purcell, Britten, Stockhausen and Harvey.


  1. Samuel Barber. Summer Music, Op. 31 (1955)
    Ingrid Geerlings: flute. James Austin Smith: oboe. Alan R. Kay: clarinet. Ron Schaaper: horn.  Dorian Cooke: bassoon
    Recording 11-8-2019; venue Kloosterbibliotheek in the village of Wittem;
    Recording engineer: Kees van de Wiel


  1. Maria Alejandro Castro Espejo. String Quartet No.1 “wat stilstaat deelt zichzelf misschien het meeste mee” (2007/19)
    Innsaei String Quartet: Alice Flannery, Ely Clapperton: violin. Beth Willett: viola. Alec Smith: cello


  1. Hans Kox. Lied ohne Worte (2000)
    James Austin Smith: oboe. Mikael Nemtsov: cello


  1. Henry Purcell. Hear my prayer
    Capella Frisiae conducted by Gijs Leenaars. Wilma van der Wardt: cello. Vincent van Laar: organ
    Recordings 14-11-2010; Der Aa kerk, Groningen;
    Recording engineer: Jaap Zijp


  1. Henry Purcell. Funeral sentences
    Capella Frisiae, Wilma van der Wardt: cello and Vincent van Laar: organ


  1. Benjamin Britten. Sacred and Profane
    Capella Frisiae


  1. Johann Sebastian Bach. Sarabande from the 1st Suite in G major
    Wilma van der Wardt: cello


  1. Karlheinz Stockhausen. Chore für Doris (Die Nachtigall)
    Capella Frisiae


  1. Karlheinz Stockhausen. Chore für Doris (Agnus Dei)


  1. Jonathan Harvey. The angels


  1. Jonathan Harvey. Sweet / Winterhart
    Capella Frisiae, Elise ten Westenend: violin


  1. Bohuslav Martinu. Quartet (1924)
    Alan R. Kay: clarinet. Ron Schaaper: horn. Peter Karetnikov: cello. Jennifer Heins: drum
    Recordings 15-8-2019;  venue Aula Minor, Rolduc, in the town of Kerkrade;
    Recording engineer: Bert van Dijk


  1. Camille Saint-Saëns. Prière, Op. 158 (1919)
    Mikhael Nemtsov: cello. Dirk Luijmes: harmonium


  1. Hans Kox. Cyclofonie XIII (1984)
    Katherine Dowling: piano. Ellen Corver: piano


  1. Franz Liszt. Am Grab Richard Wagners (1883)
    Judith Soumillion: harp. Rusquartet: Xenia Gamaris, Anna Yanchishina: violin. Ksenia Zhuleva: viola, Peter Karentnikov: cello


  1. Max Reger. From Träume am Kamin, Op. 143/6 (1915)
    Katherine Dowling: piano


Music choice: Henk Hylkema

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