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Compiled by our Classical Music desk.

More than just Schubert and Schumann.

Today’s show’s two concerts are recorded almost thirty years apart, but they have a lot in common. They are both song recitals that carefully and successfully deviate from the norm. It’s not just Schubert and Schumann who do this, Carl Loewe the king of Ballads in the Biedermeier era, for example, does it too. We also have songs by Gustav Mahler, who sounds like Hugo Wolf when performing with a piano instead of an orchestra. You’ll also hear Alma Mahler and Alexander Zemlinsky and Debussy, Bernstein and Vaughan Williams because the song isn’t just a German art. In total, you’ll listen to no less than forty songs!

In the first concert, you’ll listen to mezzo-soprano Sylvia Schlüter, tenor Hein Meens and bass Nigel Cliffe and Kelvin Grout on piano. Mezzo-soprano Sara Connolly sings in the second concert and is accompanied by Julius Drake.

  1. Carl Loewe – Viktoria, der klein weiße Zahn ist da! Nigel Cliffe (bass), Kelvin Grout (piano)
    2. Leonard Bernstein – My name is Barbara Sylvia Schlüter (mezzo-soprano), Kelvin Grout
  2. Claude Debussy – Noël des enfants Hein Meens (tenor), Kelvin Grout
  3. Gustav Mahler – Um schlimme Kinder artig zu machen Sylvia Schlüter, Kelvin Grout
  4. Gustav Mahler – Liebst du um Schönheit Sylvia Schlüter, Kelvin Grout
  5. Johannes Brahms – Von ewiger Liebe Sylvia Schlüter, Kelvin Grout
  6. Franz Schubert – Seligkeit Hein Meens, Kelvin Grout
  7. Robert Schumann – Aufträge Hein Meens, Kelvin Grout
  8. Hugo Wolf – Treibe nur mit Lieben Spott Nigel Cliffe, Kelvin Grout
  9. Robert Louis Stevenson – I will make you brooches Nigel Cliffe, Kelvin Grout
  10. Ralph Vaughan Williams – Whither must I wander Nigel Cliffe, Kelvin Grout
  11. Franz Schubert – Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt Sylvia Schlüter, Kelvin Grout
  12. Franz Schubert – Kennst du das Land Sylvia Schlüter, Kelvin Grout
  13. Claude Debussy – Dans le vieux parc solitaire Hein Meens, Kelvin Grout
  14. Gustav Mahler – Das irdische Leben Sylvia Schlüter, Kelvin Grout
  15. Benjamin Britten – Funeral blues Sylvia Schlüter, Kelvin Grout
  16. Leonard Berstein – I hate music but I like to sing Sylvia Schlüter, Kelvin Grout
  17. Franz Schubert – Liebhaber in allen Gestalten (Ich wollt’, ich wär’ ein Fisch) Hein Meens, Kelvin Grout
  18. Carl Loewe – Die Pfarrjüngferchen Nigel Cliffe, Kelvin Grout
  19. Carl Loewe – Mädchen sind Nigel Cliffe, Kelvin Grout
  20. Carl Loewe – Der Papagei Hein Meens, Kelvin Grout
  21. Hugo Wolf – Auch kleine Dinge Sara Connolly (mezzo-soprano), Julius Drake (piano) the same people also perform the next tracks.
  22. Hugo Wolf – Weylas Gesang
  23. Hugo Wolf – Kennst du das Land (1)
  24. Hugo Wolf – Kennst du das Land (2)
  25. Hugo Wolf – Die Zigeunerin
  26. Robert Schumann – Märzveilchen
  27. Robert Schumann – Muttertraum
  28. Robert Schumann – Der Soldat
  29. Robert Schumann – Der Spielmann
  30. Alma Mahler – Die stille Stadt
  31. Alma Mahler – Licht in der Nacht
  32. Alma Mahler – Bei dir ist es traut
  33. Alexander Zemlinsky – Sechs Gesänge
  34. Dominic Muldowney – In Paris with you
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