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Medieval music is not very well known to the general public. Yes, everyone knows about Gregorian chant, but what about polyphonic church music? Or troubadour songs? Or instrumental music?

In this episode of CZ Live Archive, we will bring you along to listen to music from all the corners of Western Europe. The first hour is dedicated to the Codex Huelgas, a rich book from a Spanish convent. The music is, of course, religious. In the second hour, we will hear everything side by side: music from France, England, Germany and Italy, music from the twelfth to the fifteenth century, spiritual and secular, with vocals and instrumental. All of this music has one thing in common: it sounds unusual to our ears, almost non-Western. All of the laws that made later European music what it is today did not yet exist. Thus, the oldest music of our continent offers more than enough to sharpen our hearing.



1. Iam
2. Recorda virgo
3. Promereris summe laudis
4. Ave maris stella
5. Santa Maria loei
6. Helizabeth Zacharie
7. Benedicamus
8. O Maria maris stella; O maria virgo davitica
9. Belial vocatur
10. Virgen madre gloriosa
11. Ex illustri nata
12. Psallat chorus
13. O gloriosa Dei
14. Het wonder van de vijf rozen
15. Surrexit de tumulo
16. Mater patris
17. Virga de Jesse
18. Eno nome de Maria
19. Kyrie Jesu dulcissime
20. Qualis est delectus tuus (John Forest)
21. Eya Martyre Stephane
22. Patrie Pacis
23. Laus Trinitatis (Hildegard von Bingen)
24. Procurans odium
25. Edi beo thu, hevene Quene
26. Questa fanciulla amor (Francesco Landini)
27. Dulcis amor
28. Aucun vont qui cor
29. Amis tout doux (instrumental) (Pierre des Molin)
30. Ma douce amour (Johannes Symonis Gasprois)
31. Tres douls amis (instrumental)
32. Chose Taasin? (instrumental)
33. Con dolce brama (Magister Piero)
34. Ein graserin (Oswald von Wolkenstein)
35. Trew on wam ys all my trust
36. Los signore lin graciando

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