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Sounth # 40.
Because many concerts are being cancelled, we look back to beautiful recordings from the Concertzender’s archive.. This one was in november 2017 the first of a number of broadcasts with recordings of concerts, ensembles or composers from the south of the Netherlands. Today a composer’s portrait of the Eindhoven composer Janco Verduin by the Ensemble Modelo62, and a selection from the Juryleden Concert during Tromp Percussion 2010 at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven.

   Portret Janco Verduin.

1. Janco Verduin. On time delation and synchronicity I (2009).
2. Janco Verduin. 4 gr. K (2008-10).
Ensemble Modelo conducted by Ezequiel Menalled.
3. Janco Verduin. Three hypotheses concerning topology in Hilbert spaces (2010).
Yolanda Uriz, flute. Enric Sans I Morera, bass clarinet. Teodora Stepancic, piano.
4. Janco Verduin. Eine Weitere Äusserung von Eine Weitere Äusserung von eine kleine Übung in Erscheinungsformen und Zusammenhang (2007-10).
5. Janco Verduin. Hammer Smashed Phase (2010).
Ensemble Modelo62 conducted by Ezequiel Menalled.
Recorded live by Kees van de Wiel on 28 January 2011 at Theater Kikker in Utrecht.

   Juryleden Tromp Percussion 2010.

6. Emmanuel Séjourné. Romantica.
7. Emmanuel Séjourné. Rhytmica.
Emmanuel Séjourné, marimba. Arnold Marinissen, percussion.
8. Dave Maric. Trilogy.
Colin Currie, percussion.
9. Samuel Barber. Adagio.
Nancy Zeltsman, marimba. Emmanuel Séjourné, marimba
10. Carla Bley. Over there.
Nancy Zeltsman, marimba.
11. Beegees. How deep is your love.
Nancy Zeltsman, marimba. Arnold Marinissen, percussion.
Recorded live by Kees van de Wiel on 19 November 2010 at the Rabozaal, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven.


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