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Concertzender Live

Don’t we all love renaissance music? Yes, but only few of us are really knowledgeable about it.

This means there is ample reason for us to play this music. There is also ample opportunity: we regularly record concerts with Flemish polyphonic music. In this program, you will hear two of them. The first concert revolves around a motet by Jean Mouton, Quaeremus cum patribus, as well as a parody mass that Adriaen Willaert composed around it. The second concert leads us into quite a different world. In it, secular songs from Jacob Obrecht are performed. You may know Obrecht from his sacred music, but these chansons are quite worldly indeed: they are all about sex and drinking, and they don’t shun dirty language! The texts have been translated into modern Dutch by Gerrit Komrij, who served as National Poet of the Netherlands from 2000 to 2005.


Play list:

1. Jean Mouton: Quaeremus cum patribus

2. Adriaen Willaert: Missa Quaeremus cum patribus: Kyrie

3. Willaert: Missa Quaeremus cum patribus: Gloria

4. Claudio Monteverdi: Adoramus te Christe

5. Willaert: Missa Quaeremus cum patribus: Credo

6. Cypriano da Rore: Ave Regina caelorum

7. Willaert: Missa Quaeremus cum patribus: Sanctus

8. Willaert: Missa Quaeremus cum patribus: Agnus Dei

9. Mouton: Nesciens mater

10. Claudio Merulo: Salvator noster

11. Da Rore: Descendi in hortum meum

12. Giovanni Gabrieli: O Domine Jesu Christe

Jacob Obrecht:

13. Wat willen wij metten budel spelen

14. Den haghel ende die calde snee

15. Meiskin es u cutkin ru

16. Ic hoerde de clocskins luden

17. Ic ret my uut spacieren

18. Waer sij di Han

19. In hebbe gheen ghelt

20. Ic weinsche alle scoene vrauwen

21. Laet u ghenoughen liever Johan

22. Nec mihi nec tibi

23. Weet gij wat mijnder jonge herten deert

24. Ic draghe de mutse clutse

25. Fuga

26. Lacen adieu wel zoete partije

27. Tmeiskin was jonck

28. Tsat een cleyn meiskin al up een blocskin

29. Rompeltiere

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