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Concerts from around the country, recorded by Concertzender (Contemporary Music).

South #42.

Due to the Coronavirus, a lot of concerts are cancelled. That is why we go down memory lane looking for beautiful recordings stored away in the Concertzender Archive.
Today, we’ll listen to two live recordings from North Brabant. We’ll start with the Final of the Linkprijs (Link Award) 2010 at Het Cenakel in Tilburg, and we’ll end with a concert featuring two young duos in Muziekcentrum Frits Philips in Eindhoven.

   De Linkprijs 2010.

1. Elliott Carter. Steep Steps (2001).
Kees van der Harst, basset horn.
2. Pierre Boulez. Dialogue de l’ombre double (1985).
Kees van der Harst, clarinet. Simon Pfaff, electronics.
3. Mari Kimura. Gemini (1993).
4. Takao Hyakutome. Hedgehog.
5. Gian Paolo Luppi. Capriccio 2.
Takao Hyakutome, violin.
6. Agnes Doorwarth. Gespraech eine Hausschnecke mit sich selbst (1996).
7. Roderik de Man. Kage (2000).
Nienke van der Meulen, recorder and vocals (6).
8. Kaija Saariaho. Sept Papillons (2000).
9. Witold Lutoslawski. Sacher Variations (1975).
Hannah Collins, cello.
Live-recording by Kees van de Wiel in Het Cenakel, Tilburg on 1 May 2010.

   Duo Vertigo.

10. Gerard Brophy. Coil (1996).
Claire Edwardes, vibraphone.
11. Eric de Clercq. Waldstück 7-6-‘99 (2008).
Duo Vertigo: Claire Edwardes, Niels Meliefste, percussion.
12. Leonard Bernstein. Symphonic Dances from West Side Story (1957).
Duo Vertigo: Claire Edwardes, Niels Meliefste, percussion. Martijn & Stefan Blaak, piano.
Live-recording by Kees van de Wiel in the Rabobankzaal in Muziekcentrum Frits Philips in Eindhoven on 21 February 2010.


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