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mon 7 jun 2021 20:00 

Concerts from around the country, recorded by Concertzender (Contemporary Music).

November Music Highlights!!!! #6.

Because the November Music Festival was completely cancelled in 2020, we don’t have any recordings for the 2021 season. That’s why we’ve decided to make a Highlights. This means we have more than 350 hours worth of recordings we made together with the VPRO. Today, we’ll listen to two string quartets of Helmut Lachenmann and one of Wilbert Bulsink performed by Quatuor Diotima. We’ll listen to two short concerts by Ensemble Caméléon and Tom Sanderman.

   Quatuor Diotima

1. Helmut Lachenmann. Reigen seliger Geister (2nd String Quartet) (1989).
2. Wilbert Bulsink. String Quartet. (2015 wp).
3. Helmut Lachenmann. Grido (3rd String Quartet) (2001).
Quatuor Diotima: YungPeng Zhau, Constance Ronzatti: violin. Franck Chevalier: viola. Pierre Morlett: cello.
live-recording by Kees van de Wiel on 5 November 2015 in Music centre de Toonzaal in’s-Hertogenbosch.

   Tom Sanderman

4. Philip Glass. Gradus (1968).
5. Anthony Fiumara. The River Beneath Us (2015).
6. Philip Glass. Melody for Saxophone #3 (1995).
Tom Sanderman: soprano saxophone (Glass), tenor saxophone (Fiumara).
live-recording by Kees van de Wiel on 22 November 2015 in Museum De Pont’s  Auditorium in Tilburg.

   Ensemble Caméléon

7. Wilbert Bulsink. Book for Strings and Slides(2011).
Ensemble Caméléon: Joris van Rijn, Sonja van Beek: violin. Joel Waterman: viola. Floris Mijnders: cello. Wilma de Visser: double bass. Brandt Attema, Sebastiaan Kemner: trombone.
Live-recording by Marc Broer (VPRO) on 7 November 2015 in Splendor, Amsterdam.

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