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thu 1 jul 2021 14:00 

In memory of American composer and pianist Frederic Rzewski, who died at 83 last Saturday.

Rzewski became well-known as a talented pianist of modern repertoire primarily works by Stockhausen. In the 1970s, he also gained renown for his own compositions: a mixture of nineteenth-century romanticism, minimal music and a touch of modernism, all under a layer of masterly piano techniques. Rzewski was a communist; the people had to understand his music. But at the same time, he did not want to give up the avant-garde with which he had gained his fame.

In this broadcast, we will take you back to November Music 2012. Rzewski’s music was played for three hours in the centre of Den Bosch. We will hear his radical works from the early seventies and anti-war music from the time of George W Bush. Finally, we hear the master himself, with a selection of lesser-known movements from his own work. One of these works is a tribute to Elliott Carter, who died six days earlier. All in all, very fitting.


1. Coming together
2. Attica
3. The Road (Mile 61: Stop the war!)
4. War songs
5. The Road (Mile 39: A friendly dispute)
6. The Road (Mile 47: A walk in the woods)
7. The Road (Mile 48: Why?)
8. The Road (Mile 51: Notes from the underground)
9. Nano sonata #28: It can be done
10. from Greaves
11. A mensch (in memory of Elliott Carter)

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