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thu 22 jul 2021 14:00 hour
Composers: Erik Satie | Pablo Casals

The Catalan Frederic Mompou was a popular composer of piano music and songs before the war. After the war he fell into oblivion.

Dutch pianist Marcel Worms thought it was high time to change this. He applied himself to the work of the Catalan, in which the influence of Satie, Fauré and Les Six can be heard. His work, especially his tranquil piano works, will certainly appeal to fans of these composers.

At the end of 2007, Worms organised a festival of Mompou’s music. The immediate cause was the death of his widow, in whose estate piles of unpublished music were found. That music is given a stage here, just like the music from Mompou’s golden age in the 1930s and the post-war piano works that he did publish but which largely went unnoticed. Naturally, Worms will play the piano works himself.


1. Preludes (selection)

2. Altitud

3. El Pont (tribute to Pablo Casals)

4. Combat del somni

5. Cancion y danza nr. 13 for guitar

6. Cants magics

7. Charmes

8. Cançons i danses no. 1-6 for piano

9. Cançons i danses no. 15 for bajan (organ)

10. Musica callada (Cahier I)

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