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Concertzender Live

mon 27 dec 2021 20:00 

Concerts from around the country, recorded by Concertzender

This evening concert is dedicated to the sovereignty transfer of the Netherlands to Indonesia on 27 December 1949. The main focus will be on the performance of Rituals Bells, Global Gongs by Sinta Wullur.

In roughly 75 minutes, the history of the relations between the Netherlands and Indonesia (the former Dutch East Indies) is lived through in this sizeable composition for vocal soloists, choir and an orchestra consisting of western instruments and gamelan.

The works surrounding it are either through their origin or their use of gamelan techniques or instruments, connected to Indonesia. Between the performances, programmer Leo Samama speaks with composer Sinta Wullur. The full lyrics and background to Ritual Bells, Global Gongs can be downloaded at Several short video snippets form tis composition can be found at


  1. Tune Concertzender – editing Sinta Wullur
    Performers: Ensemble Multifoon
  2. Bedhaya Duradashi – Court music by Kraton Surakarta II
    Fragment from Ketawang Kinantih Duradasih
    Performers: Piwayatan Kraton Surakarta
    Label: Seven Seas
  3. Sinta Wullur (*1958) – Ritual Bells, Global Gongs
    Libretto: Mirthe Frese
    Performers: Ensemble Multifoon and Neon conducted by Fokko Oldenhuis
    in collaboration with Bernadeta Astari and Ilyas Nadjafi, singing
    Recorded: 24 September 2021 by the Concertzender
    Techniques: Dirk Winkel
  4. Pierre de la Rue (c.1452–1518) – Kyrie, editing Sinta Wullur
    Performers: Ensemble Multifoon
  5. Jan Rokus van Roosendael (1960-2005) – George took the wrong plane
    Performer: Ananda Sukarlan, piano
    CD: Erasmus Muziek Producties
  6. Sinta Wullur  (*1958) – Djawa from Suwali
    Performers: Eleonore Pameijer, flute and Marcel Worms, piano
    CD: Spanning the Globe
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