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On 6 November 2018 world-famous Dutch bass Robert Holl performed in the Concertgebouw Recital Hall in Amsterdam. A special occasion, seeing as we don’t get to listen to him that often in our capital. The hall was packed and he was accompanied by Roger Braun.

On the schedule we have songs by Franz Schubert. That’s no punishment for the enthusiast. Singer and accompanist presented an incredibly rich dish filled with delicacies. From well-known dishes such as An die Musik, Taubenpost and Frühlingsglaube, through lesser-known intermediate courses Die liebliche Setrn and An mein Herz to the grand-dessert, the ballad Einsamkeit. In the second part of the programme, we will be listening to young soprano Jeanne-Marie Lelièvre, who is accompanied by Laura Granero on fortepiano. They bring the cycle Frauenliebe und –Leben by Robert Schumann and songs by Clara Schumann amongst others.

Summary Programme details

  1. Franz Schubert – An die Musik, Geheimnis en Erlafsee
  2. Franz Schubert – Am Strome, Auf der Donau, Am Bach im Frülinge
  3. Franz Schubert – Der liebliche Stern, An mein Herz
  4. Franz Schubert – Das Zügenglöcklein, Die Taubenpost
  5. Franz Schubert – Der Fluss, Frühlingglaube
  6. Franz Schubert – Einsamkeit
  7. Robert Holl: bass-baritone.
 Roger Braun: piano.

Recording 6-11-2018; Recital Hall, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam;
Recording techniques: J. Kist


  1. Robert Schumann – 6 Gedichte van Nikolaus Lenau
  2. Robert Schumann – Frauenliebe und -Leben
  3. Clara Schumann – Lieder op.13

Jeanne-Marie Lelièvre: singing. Laura Granero: fortepiano.

Recording 26-8-2018; Great Hall, TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht;
Recording techniques: Theo van Soest

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