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Concertzender Live

Compiled by our Classical Music desk.

There is classical music, there is jazz, and then there is everything in between. We have known that in the Netherlands for quite some years.

Form the seventies the Netherlands, and especially Amsterdam, has been famous for its improvised music, which explores the area between classical music and jazz. A few names that might ring more than a few bells are Willem Breuker and Misha Mengelberg. A new generation arose in the eighties, with stars such as Maarten Altena, Guus Janssen, Paul Termos and Arend Niks. Sadly, Termos passed away in 2003.

In this programme we share two concerts in which this alto-saxophone player had a starring role. In the first concert, from 1989, he is a member of Guus Janssen’s Orchestra. Janssen pays homage to the roots of jazz in dance music, however, his choice of classical dances and the pogo (the wild jumping to punk music!) are not very jazzy. The irony is laid on thick at times.

The irony is never far away for drummer Arend Niks either. He has probably been teased often enough with his name, so he embraces it in the song “When Nothing Matters”. He forms a trio with Paul Termos and bassist Carl Beukman. Being the only one to play a melody instrument, Termos stands out on the stage.


1. Passepied

2. Incourante – Hip hop

3. Slowfox

4. Pogo 1 – Pogo 2 – Jojo live

5. Striem

6. Jules 50

7. Zwalk

8. Tsja

9. Nuun

10. Call for Carl

11. When nothing matters

12. Force for farce

13. Last day

14. Taxi

Guus Janssen Ensemble Orchestra

Tristan Honsinger, cello; Karry Koivukoski, viola; Vincent Chancey, horn; Flavio Boltro, trumpet; Guus Janssen, piano; Ab Baars, soprano-/tenor-sax, clarinet; Wim Janssen, percussion; Paul Termos, alto-sax; Wolter Wierbos, trombone; Jacques Palinckx, guitar; Raoul van der Weide, double bass

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