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mon 4 jul 2022 20:00 hour

November Music 2021 #8.
Eighth broadcast featuring recordings from music festival November Music 2021. You will be hearing the Freedom Quartet with The Freedom Songs by Jacob TV, Highdive by Morris Kliphuis and Lucky Fonz III with Pitou and Stargaze, and finally the last part of Suite X by Bram Stadhouders.November Music 2021 #8.

   Jacob TV | The Freedom Songs.

1. Jacob ter Veldhuis. The Freedom Songs (2021wp). 57:50
The Freedom Quartet: Stephen Burns: trumpet. Steve Roberts: elektric guitar Sophie Dunér: vocals. Cynthia Tey: percussion. Jacob ter Veldhuis: samples.
live recording by Chris Weeda on 6-11-2021 at Kleine Zaal Verkadefabriek, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

   Morris Kliphuis | Highdive.

2. Morris Kliphuis. High Dive (2021). 52:27
Pitou: vocals. Stargaze: Jasja Offermans: bass guitar. Mischa Porte: percussion. David Six: piano. Morris Kliphuis: synthesizer, horn. Eke van Proojen: violin. Thora Sveinsdottir: viola. Susanne Rosmolen: cello. Maaike van der Linde: vocals, flutes. Maripepa Contreras : cor anglais. Daniel Boeke: bass clarinet.
live recording by Thomas Koopmans on 11-11-2021 at Grote Zaal Verkadefabriek, ’s-Hertogenbosch

   Bram Stadhouders | Suite X.

3.Bram Stadhouders. Suite X (2021wp) Part IV. 9:10
Bram Stadhouders: guitar, live electronics. Onno Govaerts: percussion. B.O.X.: Pieter Theuns: theorbo. Jon Birdsong: cornett, trumpet. Bart Vroomen: trombone. Nathan Wouters: double bass. Raphaël Collignon: harpsichord, organ.
live recording by Ted Masseurs on 10-11-2021 at Verkadefabriek Clubzaal, ‘s-Hertogenbosch


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