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Concertzender Live

Compiled by our Classical Music desk.

Many jazz musicians are heavily influenced by classical music, and vice versa. But here the boundary becomes very blurred indeed.

Over the course of a century, jazz has developed into a venerable art form with more or less the same kind of audience as classical music. And particularly in the Netherlands, hybrid forms are flourishing. Still, the scenes generally remain separate: classical music and jazz occupy different stages, different circuits and different concert standards.

During these two concerts, the boundaries are truly crossed. The first one features classical pianist Rian de Waal and jazz pianist Louis van Dijk. They each play their own pieces, but meet in the middle with a swinging piece by Loevendie and an improvisation on Sweelinck.

Our second concert was recorded twenty-five years later and is all about sixteenth- and seventeenth-century music. John Dowland, Claudio Monteverdi, Heinrich von Biber – you know the drill. But the performers are a jazz saxophonist and his rhythm section! How will they interpret the four hundred year old originals? Will they treat them with respect? Or will they let their imagination run wild?



1. Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata in C major opus 53 (Waldsteinsonate)
2. Theo Loevendie – Strides
3. Various songs
4. improvisation on ‘Mein junges Leben hat ein End’ by Jan Pietersz. Sweelinck
5. Various songs
6. John Dowland – The King of Denmark and his galliard
7. Thomas Ravenscroft – The three ravens
8. Claudio Monteverdi – Si dolce il tormento
9. Adrien le Roy – Branle
10. Claudio Monteverdi – O me ch’io cado
11. G.A. Pandolfi Mealli – Sonate “La Castella”
12. Dario Castello – Sonata prima
13. Heinrich Ignaz Fanz von Biber – Passacaglia
14. Johann Kapsberger – Cinta di rose
15. John Dowland – Flow my tears
16. John Dowland – The earl of Essex and his galliard

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