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thu 9 mar 2023 14:00 hrs
Composer: Joni Mitchell

We have a lot of modern jazz in our archives, but also a lot of mainstream jazz of an unheard-of level.


Jazz comes in all forms. On the street you can still hear Dixieland music, albeit less than before, on which grandparents used to dance. In cultural temples, for a select audience of connoisseurs, you can hear experimental jazz in which no convention is safe and in which the listener is challenged to the extreme.

In between lies a large area of jazz musicians who do not push the boundaries of the genre, but do make their own voice heard. The mainstream. Accessible music that nevertheless finds its own way. That this mainstream can also produce great music becomes clear in this program.

Today we will hear two concerts from the year 2000. In the first concert we hear singer Lydia van Dam and the Johan Clement Trio. They focus on songs, but not necessarily on the big standards. For example, a song by Joni Mitchell can also be the basis for an improvisation. After that we hear Trio Töykeät. As their name suggests, they come from Finland. The formula is simple: a pianist, a bassist, a drummer and go for it. But the energy they put into it, and the ease with which pianist Iiro Rantala completely finds his own way, is unheard of. It’s high time to make this music “heard” again after 23 years!

Lydia van Dam and the Johan Clement Trio
1. High fly
2. Love for sale
3. My foolish heart
4. The dry cleaner
5. My foolish heart
6. I’ve got just about everything you need
7. Autumn nocturne

Trio Töykeät
8. Dedications
9. Karate
10. Met by chance
11. Heartfilms
12. Gad a tee?
13. Iiro’s not so good polka
14. Ten years
15. Happy hour
16. Etude
17. Waltz for Michel

Lydia van Dam, vocals (3, 4)
Johan Clement, piano (1-7)
Arnout Gerritse, drums (1-7)
Eric Timmermans, bass (1-7)
Iiro Rantala, piano (8-17)
Eerik Siikassari, bass (8-17)
Rami Eskelinen, drums (8-17)

Produced by:
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