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South # 64.
Two concerts from the Cenakel in Tilburg. The stage of De Link. The concert by the duo Michela Amici | Georgia Burashko on January 24, 2023 and the concert by the Herz Ensemble on February 7 of this year.

   David Herz Ensemble.

1. Klaas de Vries. Against Time (1998). 12:33
Jellantsje de Vries: viola.
2. Amba Klapwijk. The Very Lightweight Thread Floats Through the Moving Air (2018). 9:16
3. Aart Strootman. Descend (2019). 11:08
4. Cat Hope. U Mingibeddu Nostru (2018). 10:26
5. Kate Moore. Debris & Alchemy (2009/21). 26:42
Herz Ensemble: Jellantsje de Vries: violin. Elisabeth Smalt: viola. Susanne Rosmolen: cello. Tom Sanderman: tenor saxophone. Annette Schenk: (bass) clarinet. Sjors van de Mark: electric guitar, bass guitar. Laura Sandee: piano. Geerten van de Wetering: organ. Meiyi Lee: percussion.
Live recording on February 7, 2023 by Kees van de Wiel at De Link in Het Cenakel in Tilburg.

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