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thu 9 may 2024 14:00 hrs

For 2002, we dive back into the BIMhuis, where Fay Victor performs.

Fay Victor is a jazz-diva with an edge. Not only does she lead a five-piece band composed entirely of men, but she also sings a very different repertoire to most of her colleagues. While the average singer sticks to classic standards—or songs that sound like them—Victor goes into a completely different direction. She embraces bebop in the spirit of Thelonious Monk, and she explores the Amsterdam improvisational scene influenced by Willem Breuker and Mischa Mengelberg. She has been living in Amsterdam since 1996. She even incorporates pop songs into her performances. The result is a diverse, yet cohesive collection of music that is edgy and intriguing but never overwhelmingly harsh—the true spirit of jazz.


Performed by the Fay Victor Quintet, unless mentioned otherwise.

1. House party starting
2. Strollin’
3. Last night’s dinner
4. Out to lunch
5. Star eyes
6. Check out your mind
7. Neiko
8. Sometimes
9. Sham time
10. Third stone form the Sun
11. Eclipse
12. Zootoon
13. Softly as in a morning sunrise
14. Een beetje dom (by Saxophone-sextet De zes winden)

Performed by

Fay Victor Quintet: Fay Victor (vocals), Anton Goudsmit (guitar), Curtis Clark (piano), Jaco Schoonderwoerd (bass), Pieter Bast (drums)

Saxophone sextet De zes winden: Mariette Rouppe van der Voort (sopranino sax), Dies le Duc (soprano sax), Kazutoki Umezu (alto sax), Andrew White (tenor sax), Ad Peijnenburg (baritone sax), Klaas Hekman (bass sax)

Produced by:
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