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Featuring classical music from 2008. Real classical music.

You may be aware that we actually use the term ‘classical’ wrong. True classical music refers to music by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and their contemporaries. What came before and after shouldn’t really be called classical music. Or perhaps you’re a bit pedantic in that regard yourself.

Either way: in this Concertzender Live you’ll hear classical music in its true sense. We will listen to Mozart and Beethoven, as well as their contemporaries. Sparkling music, written in a time when composers were slowly transforming from craftsmen into superstars, a period in which a new style was being established, with something new added to the budding tradition each year. This was a time when composers sought to please both connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

We will hear a quintet for piano and four wind instruments by Mozart. When he wrote this piece in 1784, it was the first of its kind. Mozart was very happy with it; he even considered it his best piece ever! Other composers also admired his work. A young Ludwig van Beethoven followed in Mozart’s footsteps, and Ignaz Pleyel also wrote a quintet with the same instrumentation. Today, we mostly remember Pleyel for his piano factory rather than his music, but Mozart greatly admired this student of Haydn.

We will also listen to music by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. Who we, of course, know as the most famous and talented son of Johann Sebastian Bach. He invented the Empfindsamkeit, the emotional style with which he distinguished himself from his contemporaries, who primarily sought to please the ear. But do you know Johann Gottftied Müthel? He was one of Emanuel’s contemporaries, and his father’s lasts pupil, who was just as empfindsam. We will get to know him during this concert as well.


1. Ignaz Pleyel – Piano quintet in C
2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Piano quintet in E-flat, KV 452
3. Ludwig van Beethoven – Piano quintet in E-flat, Hess 19
4. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach – Flute sonata in G
5. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach – Fantasy in A
6. Johann Gottfried Müthel – Flute sonata in D
7. Ludwig van Beethoven – Cello sonata no. 3 in A, opus 69

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