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wed 25 dec 2019 14:00 

Christmas theme

It’s Christmas and that means a lot of White Christmas, Jingle Bells and Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer.  Songs anyone can sing along or hum. For some people they  symbolise the ultimate Christmas feeling, while others hurry to switch off the radio. If you belong to this second group, then this may not be a programme you like. However???? But to all the others we say: come join us and sing along! Light the candles and enjoy.

Tracks from:

  • A Christmas gift to you by Phil Spector uit 1963.
  • Ella wishes you a swinging christmas! Orchestra led by  Frank DeVol.
  • This Christmas, Aretha.
  • Latin Jazz Christmas.
  • A jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra. Orchestra led by Gordon Jenkins.
  • Elvis’ Christmas Album.
  • Christmas Songs.  Diana Krall and the Clayton Hamilton Jazz Ochestra.
  • Christmas. Al Jarreau.
  • Andre Hazes-Benny Neyman and the Maastrichter Staar-Willeke Alberti.


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