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This week’s musical headlines, featuring the CD of the week, the concert agenda, and interviews with guests. In this episode: a live performance by the accordion duo Two Systems.

Presentation by Pauline Verburg


by accordion duo Two Systems. Our guests today are the Flemish accordionists Lowie Vercammen and Louis De Backere. They will be performing Mozart’s Fantasia, one of Bach’s Fugues, and Spring from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.









Claudio Colombo – Phantoms from 4 Sketches by Amy Beach

Ketevan Sharumashvili – Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Sonata in G minor

Ethan Iverson Trio – Rondo from the Piano Sonata by Ethan Iverson Albumpresentatie in Lantarenvenster Rotterdam

Crista Pfeiler and Rudolf Jansen – L’Invitation au Voyage by Alphons Diepenbrock

Cordevento – Sonata Quarta Sopra l’Aria de Ruggerio by Salomone Rossi Concert Cordevento op 23 februari

James Kwast jr. – Gavotte voor Willem III Expositie in Museum Gouda

David Helbock – Money in the Pocket David Helbock in het Bimhuis op 24 februari

Robert Black – The Wind at McLaren Summit by John Luther Adams Humanity and Nature in het Muziekgebouw op 29 februari

Delphine Trio – Driving by John Psatas

La Grande Chapelle conducted by Albert Recàsens – Venid! Querubines Alados! by Juan Hidalgo Concert La Primavera op 25 februari

Igor Stravinski – Delia by Oedipus Rex Oedipus Rex tijdens Opera Forward Festival

Maria Kliegel and Nina Tichman – Scherzo from Cello Sonata no. 3 in A major by Beethoven Dag van de klassieke muziek in Heerlen op 22 februariNacht van de klassieme muziek op 24 februari in Maastricht

Yeni Türkü – Bir çapkin Dilenci Yeni Türkü in de Melkweg op 25 februari

Marco Mezquida – Self Portrait Marco Mezquida in Amare Den Haag op 25 februari

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