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sun 21 dec 2014 17:00 

As of August 2014, the Concertzender broadcasts one episode every month of a new series, in which the current generation of Dutch composers will be examined. Who influences who and what are their most important musical inspirations? What are their motives? Every month we will broadcast their latest works but we also ask them about one essential piece of work that is precious to them or which has played an important role in their development. Finally we ask them to select a piece of work of a colleague of the next episode, to listen to in advance. By doing so, a canon of the newest Dutch music will develop by itself.

In the fifth episode we give the floor to Thanasis Deligiannis literally and figuratively speaking, as he will host the biggest part of the programme himself. Coming from Greece, Deligiannis grew up in a family of folk musicians. At the Thessaloniki University he studied composition and besides that he followed lessons in drama and music theatre. From 2007 until 2010 he studied at the Amsterdam Conservatorium (Academy of Music) with a.o. Wim Henderickx. Today he is a member of the artistic team of the Nieuw Ensemble, the Atlas Ensemble and he is a coordinator of the Composition department at the Amsterdam Conservatorium. Furthermore he worked on various (music) theatre performances as an actor, a choir singer and also as a conductor. 

1. Thanasis Deligiannis. 

(excerpt from I/O). 

Kaja Draksler, piano. Ernestine Stoop, harp.
George Dumitriu, electric guitar. 
Rob Dirksen, double bass. Ryoko Imai, percussion. 
2. Kleftes Veltsistini, Greek traditional music.
3. Thanasis Deligiannis. Yriaeas. 
Asko/Schönberg ensemble led by Bas Wiegers.
4. Hudson Mohawke. 3.30.
5. Issos Tsabunistos, Greek traditional music. 
6. Thanasis Deligiannis. Excerpt from Lovyrinths.  Draaiorgel The Busy Drone. 
7. The Tuss. Death Fuck. 
8. Trevor Grahl. 
Zo Laat, 3rd movement of Levensliederen. Kamerkoor Musica Vocale led by Rob Vermeulen.
Met Rik Helmes, piano & Dirk Luijmes, harmonium. 
9. Trio Fieldwork. Rai. 
Vijey Iyer, piano. Steve Lehman, alto sax. 
Tyshawn Sorey, drums.
10. Kaja Draksler. Army of Drops. 
Kaja Draksler, piano. 
11. Hudson Mohawke. Fruit Touch.