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fri 11 mar 2016 17:00 hour
Composer: Luciano Berio

String Thing #2.

Håkon Thelin – Folk.
  1   El bajo cantaor
  2   Sequentia XIVb (Luciano Berio)
  3   Kvilesteinen (Unni Løvlid)
  4   Hymn (Lars-Petter Hagen)
Daniel Levin/Mat Maneri – The Transcendent Function. Clean Feed
  5   Sad Song
  6   Soul
Ivo Perelman/Mat Maneri/Tanya Kalmanovitch – Villa Lobos Suite. Leo Records
  7  Nr 10
 Håkon Thelin – Folk. Atterklang
  8   Melodía
  9   Tablón-Tactil-Pulsar-Sonar
Theo Ceccaldi Trio+1 (Joëlle Leandre) – can you smile? Ayler Records.
  10 Pruneau sur le gateau

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