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mon 11 jul 2016 16:00 

Episode 17 from a series of programmes in which the present generation of Dutch composers is mapped out. Who influences who? What are important musical sources of inspiration? And what are their motives? Today, we look at Wilbert Bulsink, born in 1983.

Every month we broadcast recent works by them but we also ask for a key work that is dear to them or played an important role in their development.

To conclude, we ask them to play a work from a colleague in preparation for the next programme in our series. In this way we automatically build a canon of the most recent Dutch music.

1.  Wilbert Bulsink. Landschap 1 – News leader medley. Rosa Ensemble

2.  Wilbert Bulsink. Op weg geblazen. Nieuw Ensemble conducted by Micha Hamel. Wilbert Bulsink, air piano

3.  Wilbert Bulsink. Landschap – 2 Psalm. Rosa Ensemble

4.  Enno Poppe. Koffer, part 2, 3 and 4. Ensemble Modern conducted by Johannes Kalitzke

5.  Wilbert Bulsink. Landschap 3 – Het lied der Vereniging Van Aanpakkers. Rosa Ensemble

6.  Wilbert Bulsink. Het afdwalen der gedachten van bankiers tijdens een uitvoering van de Vijfde van Mahler in het Concertgebouw, netwerkende (The wandering of bankers’ thougths during a performance of the Fifth of Mahler at the Concertgebouw, while networking). Rosa Ensemble

7.  Wilbert Bulsink. String quartet Quator Diotima

8.  Eric de Clerq. Een meter sneeuw. The Busy Drone

9.  Wilbert Bulsink. Luchtalarm. Rosa ensemble

10. Wilbert Bulsink. Boomcar. Rosa ensemble