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mon 2 mar 2009 19:00 

As part of our Donemus programming, we pay attention to music by Dutch composers; this week Theo Verbey. If you would like to hear music by Theo Verbey in the concert hall you unfortunately will have to travel to Mainz, Germany. In the coming months, his Fractal Symphonie will be performed there no less than 12 times in a choreography by Regina van Berkel and on top of that conducted by Catherine Rückwardt. The work has probably not even been performed in the Netherlands as frequent as 12 times! Today we will play you a few earlier works by Verbey and one of a more recent date.

Theo Verbey.
1. Perplex (2004).
Ensemble Gageego! conducted by Gunno Palmquist.
2. Alban Berg: Sonate op.1, arr. for orchestra.
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra conducted by Ricardo Chailly.
3. Expulsie.
Asko ensemble conducted by David Porcelijn.
4. Duet.
Peter Masseurs and Hendrik Jan Lindhout, trumpet.
5. Hommage.
Eleonore Pameijer, flute.