Contemporary Music

mon 12 jan 2009 19:00 

Limburger Cheese #1.
Not everyone likes it but it is a household word. That is also true for the contemporary music from Limburg. Limburg has a very rich musical tradition. Famous are of course the brass bands that are usually of exceptionally high quality. However, there is also a very rich circuit of ‘serious music’. In this broadcast you will hear works by three contemporary Limburger composers: Weirauch, Stolwijk and Kockelmans.

Robert Weirauch.
1 Duet Pia Shim – duivel (2001).
Marina Fideli – mezzo-soprano, Yannis Yannisis – baritone, The Orchestra Of Colours conducted by Miltos Logiadis.
2. Herbst (2006).
Regula Boeninger – mezzo-soprano and crotales Phoenix ensemble (Stijn Saveniers – violoncello, Robert Weirauch – piano and crotales).
3. Le Corbeau Et Le Renard (2000).
Chamber Choir Tiramisu conducted by Niels Kuijers.

André Stolwijk.

4. Concerto Ricordante (1990).
Annelie De Man – harpsichord, string orchestra Musica Nova.

Hans Kockelmans.

5. Wononiemen (2008) Dedicated to Wino Penris.
Hans Kockelmans, electronics.