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sun 7 aug 2016 17:00 

Episode 18 in our series of shows in which the current generation of Dutch composers is presented. In this episode: music by Eric de Clercq.

Who influences whom? What are important sources of music inspiration to them? What are their motivations? Each month, we play recent works by them, but also by their most important sources of inspiration. Finally, we ask them to choose a fellow composer for next month’s episode. In this way, a canon of new Dutch music emerges.

In this episode, music by Eric de Clercq.


1. Eric de Clercq. Into the dark deep sea (2014) 8’39”

Bas Wiegers, violin; Koen Kaptijn, trombone; Nora Mulder, electric cymbalom
2. Eric de Clercq. Ares (2014). 15’25”. Ensemble NOMOS
3. Captain Beefheart. My human gets me blues (1969) 2’47”
4. Dirk Bruinsma. Alloy (2008). 6’39”

Jeroen Kimman, electric gitaar; Viljam Nybacka, 
electric bas; Gerri Jaeger, drums en Dirk Bruinsma, sax.
5. Eric de Clercq. Doppelganger (2012) 20’25”

Orkest De Ereprijs conducted by Wim Boerman

Produced by: