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Contemporary Music

sun 16 oct 2016 17:00 

Episode 20 from our programme series covering the current generation of Dutch composers. Who influences whom? What are the most important sources of inspiration? And what motivates them? Every month we broadcast their recent compositions together with works from their most important sources of inspiration. And we also ask them to choose a fellow composer for the next broadcast. In this way we’re building a picture of the newest Dutch music. Today: Paul Glazier.


Paul Glazier was born in London in 1965  and studied visual art at Goldsmiths College. In 1994 he moved to Amsterdam, where he extended his art practice to music and sound. That he originally was a visual artist, can clearly be heard in his approach to composing. Shape, colour, and texture are his focal point. By combining different sounds he builds a world in which short sonic stories can be heard.  As part of the Amsterdam composers’collective Monotak he researches how that proces can be translated to live performances.


1. Paul Glazier. Old George. 6’06”
2. Paul Glazier. Wood spirit 6’28” 3 Short pieces
3. Paul Glazier. Before and after grief 6’28” Long Breath 2015
4. Paul Glazier. Static hum. 3’59” In Someone else’s play 2010
5. Paul Glazier. Residual tick. 3’40” In someone else’s play 2010
6. Kaffe Matthews/Andy Moore – Here is your coat 2 3’07”.

Andy Moore, guitar. Kaffe Matthews, live electronics.

Unsounds 02U
7. Ivo Bol. Bring back that feedback. 4’46”
8. Paul Glazier. Ecstatic shrew. 7’33” Stories for dusk
9. Paul Glazier. Bridge of commas. 5’49” Skin 2013
10. Paul Glazier. Electro Flotsam. 3’40” Slow static 2013
11. Paul Glazier. Finale. 1’45”


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