Contemporary Music

sun 25 dec 2016 17:00 
Composers: Jeff Hamburg | Joost Kleppe

Today’s Music by Today’s Composers. Episode 22 of our series in which the current generation of Dutch composers is mapped out. Who influences who? What are significant musical inspirations? What drives them? Each month we broadcast recent works of these artists, but also of those that inspired them most. And we ask them which fellow composer should be the centre of our next broadcast. This way, we create a round of the latest Dutch music. In this broadcast, the music of Jeff Hamburg. Originally born in the US, he has been living and working in the Netherlands since 1978.

He composes both symphonic and chamber music, has released many albums and in 2002 received the prestigious Visser-Neerlandia Award for his entire oeuvre.

1. Jeff Hamburg. Death (2002). 7’34”.

Nienke Oostenrijk, soprano; Henk Swinnen, oboe; Elisabeth Perry, violin; Monique Bartels, cello; Astrid in ‘t Veld, accordion; Tatiana Koleva, percussion.

Future Classics 051
2. Blood, Sweat and tears, Symphony for the devil. 7’50”

CBS ‎– 64024
3. Jeff Hamburg. Kaddish (2007). 7’10”.

Jasper Schweppe, baritone; Ernest Rombout, oboe; Jeroen Reuling, cello and Erika Waardenburg, harp.
4. Joost Kleppe. “Quando” and “As Ilhas Afortinadas” from the cycle “Canções Portuguesas” 7’06”.

Marcel Beekman, tenor; Marianne Boer, piano
5. Jeff Hamburg. Orion (2015) 23’51”.

Orion trio

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