Contemporary Music

230 Volt. Contemporary Electronic Music #78. Music by Orphax, Berke Can Özcan, Mads Emil Nielsen, Eugene Ughetti, Morimoto Naoki, Lionel Marchetti, Nicola Ratti, Todd Anderson-Kunert and Michel Banabila.

1. Michel Banabila – Humans and Nonhumans (Banabila, Michel) 3:22 DL: Zoosemiotics. Tapu Records/TR18072020.

2. Todd Anderson-Kunert – A Single Remark (Anderson-Kunert, Todd) 3:09 DL: Past Walls and Windows. Room40/DRM475.

3. Nicola Ratti – Three (Nielsen, Mads Emil / Ratti, Nicola) 4:53 CD: Framework 3. Arbitrary/11.

4. Lionel Marchetti – Mouvement 2 — Paradoxes de la Pluralité Part 4. Tous les Noms ont Coulé. (Marchetti, Lionel) 3:36 DL: Planktos. Self Released/none.

5. Morimoto Naoki – Off (Naoki, Morimoto) 4:43 CD: Dusk to Dawn. Lontano Series/LONTANO-S-CD13.

6. Eugene Ughetti – Tremolo (Ughetti, Eugene) 12:11 CD: Agglomeration Of Measurement. Room40/RM4126.

7. Mads Emil Nielsen – Three (Nielsen, Mads Emil) 4:51 10”: Framework 3. Arbitrary/11.

8. Berke Can Özcan – Bow (Özcan, Berke Can) 4:58 LP: Mountains Are Mountains. Bohemian Drips/Who Are We Who We Are/BD012.

9. Orphax – En de Stilstaande Tijd 1 (van Erve, Sietse) 17:28 LP: En de Stilstaande Tijd. Moving Furniture Records/MFR085.

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