Contemporary Music

wed 16 dec 2020 20:00 

The many faces of North American music.


  1. Harry Partch: Windsong (for Harmonic Canon II, Kithara II, Adapted Viola, Surrogate Kithara, Chromelodeon, Boo, Diamond Marimba, Cloud-Chamber Bowls, Spoils of War, Bass Marimba). All instruments played by Harry Partch
  2. Edgard Varèse: Ionisation. ASKO Ensemble conducted by Ricardo Chailly
  3. Johanna Beyer: Three movements for percussion. The Hague Percussion
  4. John Cage. First Construction (in metal) for percussion. Quatuor Hêlios (Isabelle Berteletti, Jean-Christophe Feldhandler, Florent Haladjian, Lê Quan Ninh)
  5. John Cage: Bacchanale, for prepared piano. Philipp Vandré, prepared piano


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