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mon 6 sep 2021 19:00 hrs
Composer: Felipe Waller

Today’s Music by Today’s Composers.

Ensemble Offspring.

The Australian Ensemble Offspring celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2020. They visited the Netherlands multiple times. They claim to be devoted to undermine the classical music tradition by delivering experience centered concerts with lively, contemporary music. Music by Waller, Eötvös, Keller, Coelho and Harrison.



  1. Juan Felipe Waller – Detone/Retune
  2. Melody Eötvös – Tardigradus
  3. Andrea Keller – Love in Solitude
  4. Tristan Coelho – Read/Write Error
  5. Holly Harrison – Bend/Boogie/Break
    CD’s Offspring Bites, 1,2 and 3
Produced by:
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