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sun 31 oct 2021 15:00 

Today’s Music by Today’s Composers.

Tim Eysackers.

Today, attention is given to the special graduation project of the Flemish pianist and composer Tim Eysackers (1996). An adaptation of the story of Antigone. The result is a very successful mix of introspection, drama and jazz. In the tail end of the programme, there is also a song from the equally successful debut album ‘Mundane’ by Scottish Fiona Brown, which was released earlier this year.


Tim Eysackers.( pictured) Creon) Antigone (2020) Astrid D’Hoore (singin), Otto Kint (counter bass), Herman Dewinné (monologue) en Tim Eysackers (piano) .Tim Eysackers ensemble. Recorded 2021

Fiona Brown. Siren. album Mundane. 2021


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