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wed 6 apr 2022 20:00 
Composer: Piet Swerts

Piet Jozef Swerts.

Recognisable but also not. It isn’t minimal music, but what is it? It is difficult to grasp the music of Belgian composer Piet Jozef Swerts. He wrote his earliest piano compositions in the seventies. His breakthrough came after his work “Rotations” for piano and orchestra became the compulsory piece for the Queen Elisabeth Competition in 1987.

We will be listening to 10 sonatas written for the special grand piano commissioned by Daniel Barenboim and built by the Belgian piano builder Chris Maene.


CD: Insight your inside : 24 straight strung piano sonatas  (Antarctica Records 2019 AR 013)

Composer: Piet Swerts

I.                     Sonata in a       Burano
II.                   Sonata in A      Primavera
III.                  Sonata in d       Lacrimosa
IV.                  Sonata in D       Consolation
VI.                  Sonata in G      Pastorale
VII.                 Sonata in c        Arioso
VIII.                Sonata in C       Cascade
IX.                   Sonata in f        Cantilena
XI.                   Sonata in bes     Mahnmal
XII.                 Sonata in Bes     Epitome

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