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mon 2 may 2022 19:00 

Today’s Music by Today’s Composers.

A House in Bali (1).

A House in Bali is a book by Canadian composer Colin McPhee. He describes life on the island where he lived from 1931 to 1938. The traditional gamelan music he was exposed to on Bali continued to inspire him for the rest of his life. Gamelan was also a source of inspiration for many other composers.


Puspawarna, gamelan music from Central Java.

– Alexandre Tansman. Le tour du monde en miniature, part 9 and 10. Esther Budiardjo, piano.

– John Cage. Sonatas and Interludes, sonatas I-IV, interlude I. Steffen Schleiermacher, prepared piano.

– Colin McPhee. Suite in 6 parts. New Music Concerts led by Robert Aitken.

– Colin McPhee. Symfonie nr. 2, part 1. Esprit Orchestra led by Alex Pauk.



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