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Today’s Music by Today’s Composers: The Genesis Suite.

The Genesis Suite is a special piece of music, based on the first eleven chapters of the Biblical book of Genesis. Each part was written by a different composer. The piece combines influences from classical music and Hollywood.



  • Genesis suite. Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra and Ernst Senff Choir Berlin. Gerard Schwarz, conductor. Tovah Feldshuh, Barbara Feldon, David Margulies, Fritz Weaver and Isaiah Sheffer, narrators.

–      Arnold Schönberg. Prelude – Earth was without Form.

–      Nathaniel Shilkret [featured image]. Creation.

–      Alexandre Tansman. Adam and Eve.

–      Darius Milhaud. Cain and Abel.

–      Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. The Flood (Noah’s Ark).

–      Ernst Toch. The Covenant (The Rainbow).

–      Igor Stravinsky. Babel.


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