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wed 19 oct 2022 20:00 CET

The Flute in focus

Today, we focus on the flute, an instrument with a rich classical tradition as both a solo and an orchestral instrument. It is also an instrument that has been given an additional dimension in the past century. Especially after the War, numerous composers have written solo music for it. Moreover, composers have discovered the alto and bass flute. You won’t find these instruments very often in a symphony orchestra: their sounds drown in the cloud of timbres. But solo or in a flute ensemble, they come into their own very well.




  1. Sophie Lacaze, Het Lam Gods; Archèlogos.
    Pierre-Yves Artaud (bass flute), Orchestre de Flûtes Français conducted by Pierre Biget.
  2. Judith Shatin, Dreamtigers.
    Duo Eklekt: Eduardo Gaspar Polo Baader (flute), Michael van Dijk (guitar).
  3. Kaija Saariaho, Couleurs du vent.
    Camilla Hoitenga (alto flute).
  4. Tristan Murail, Ethers.
    Erin Lesser (flutes); Argento Chamber Ensemble conducted by Michel Galante.
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