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wed 3 apr 2024 20:00 hour

Australian composer David Joseph.

David Joseph was born in Melbourne in 1954. During this second episode dedicated to him, we’ll highlight some remarkable orchestral pieces featuring a clarinetist and an organist as soloists. The music is characterized by its restless and uncompromising nature.



1         David Joseph – Images for Orchestra (Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Dobbs Franks) Move Records  MD3301

2-3      David Joseph – Clarinet Concerto (Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Dobbs Franks.  Nigel Sabin, clarinet)  Move Records  MD3301

4         David Joseph – Dialogues (Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Dobbs Franks)  Move Records  MD3460

5.        David Joseph – Symphony for Organ and Strings (Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Graeme Abbott. Melville Waters, organ)  Move Records MD3301


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