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sat 28 dec 2013 19:00 

I Compani with pieces from Guiseppe Verdi’s operas in light of his two hundredth birthday, including improvisations about his themes. This interesting modern ensemble has been led for years by saxophonist Bo van de Graaf. Special guest: pianist Guus Janssen.

Bo van de Graaf – saxes
Hans Sparla – trombone
Aili Deiwiks – violin
Michel Mulder – bandoneon, piano
Chistoph MacCarty – synthesizer, piano
Arjen Gorter – bass
Maikki van Engelen – percussion
Guus Janssen – piano
Quinine Melssen – vocals
Susanne Degerfors – cello, musical saw
Lucia Caihuela – vocals
Recordings: Bimhuis, Amsterdam on 9 October 2013

Producer and presenter: